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January 9, 2018


This morning I was in a chilly Dumfries delivering a tiny item (so small it fitted in my van door pocket).


Some facts about Dumfries


It is a medieval town  overlooking the River Nith.  It's history dates back to the 1150's and it was made a Royal Burgh by "William the Lion", King of Scotland in 1186.


During the 13th century a royal castle (which no longer exits) was built on the site of the present Castledykes Park.  During the late 13th centry William Wallace chased a fleeing English force southward through the Nith Valley. The fugitives met the gates of Dumfries Castle which remained firmly closed in their prescence.  The fleeing English met their end at Cockpool on the Solway Coast when Wallace and his fellow persuers were joined by a body of towns people. 


The Scottish poet Robert Burns moved to Dumfries in 1791 and lived there until his death on 21st July 1796.  Greyfriars Church over looks a statue of Burns sculpted in Carrara, Italy in 1882.


During World War II the bulk of the Norwegian Army in exile in Britain conisted of a brigade in Dumfries.


Dumfries has experienced two Boxing Day earthquakes in 1979 & 2006.  There were also earthquakes on 16th February 1984 & 7th June 2010.


Notable people from Dumfries include Ray Wilson (lead singer of Stiltskin & Genesis), Calvin Harris (record producer), Nicky Spence (opera singer) & Nigel Sinclair CBE (film producer).

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